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    We make a wide range of installations for many industries.
    Our years of experience acquired in the course of making
    installations in the metal industry (welding, foundries, steel mills),
    as well as plastic, rubber, ceramic, energy, food and pharmaceutical
    industries allows us to make dust extraction installations,
    filtering ventilation, and push-pull systems

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  • Vacuum cleaners

    Bart Sp. z o.o. offers solutions for problems with dust and dirt particles.

    Installations for extraction of dust in objects such as power plants
    and manufacturing facilities. We support the processes of collecting
    shots, extraction from hand tools, high-pressure extraction from
    technological devices, dusting and cleaning at workplaces,
    and transportation of dust.

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    Filtration range of gases carried by Bart Sp. z o.o.
    focuses on designing and making installations based
    on the use of porous materials in the form of filter beds,
    different types of carbon filters, and other gas-bonding
    sorbents and VOC combustion systems.

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  • ATEX installations

    Bart Sp. z o.o. focuses on designing and implementation of
    dust extraction installations that can create an explosive atmosphere.
    Our extensive experience allows us to take up new challenges regardless
    of the class of explosion. We design and construct in accordance with the
    requirements of the ATEX Directive 94/4/EC and take into account
    requirements of the Investor in respect of its liability as per the Directive ATEX 137

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  • Ventilation

    We designed and made a range of ventilation
    and air-conditioning systems,  including precision
    air-conditioning systems, with a special focus on  
     technical and economical optimisation for a number
    of our customers in the industrial sector
     and for different types of laboratories, facilities of higher
    hygiene requirements - so-called clean rooms

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  • Clean rooms

    Bart Sp. z o.o. deals with comprehensive preparation of clean
    rooms, beginning with an architectural concept through executive designs
    and implementation, commissioning and IQ and OQ validation
    (design, operation and installation).

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The basic idea of our work is to achieve the highest standard of offered services and carried out works, that meet the high expectations of our customers. Every manufacturing process is treated individually and thoroughly analysed in terms of selection of appropriate solutions. Knowledge and experience of our designers and contract engineers, qualified team of installers, as well as a wide range of high-end devices enable us to meet our goal while solving complex issues of our customers.

BART - Industrial Ventilation and Dust Control Systems Integrator


Widely recognised for its specialised expertise in industrial ventilation and dust control systems integration, BART Sp. z o.o. was established in 2000, to enable peak performance in manufacturing by providing customers with end-to-end dust control solutionsfrom the designing and engineering of dust control equipment, to its integration, commissioning, and maintenance. Since that time, BART has grown to nearly 80 employees with four locations in Poland: headquarters based in Sosnowiec, design offices and technical support in Warsaw, Wroclaw and Gdansk.

Holding a majority stake, BART operates on the business to business market in close partnership with: BART Serwis Sp. z o.o. in Czeladz and JSB Automation Sp. z o.o. based in Krakow.


Bart specializes in industrial ventilation and dust collection systems design and engineering services and assembly works. At BART, we provide our customers with turnkey solutions for project design, implementation and maintenance.

BART is proud to offer the best technology available. We cooperate with leading manufacturers of filtration systems, equipment and accessories from European Union, Sweden and worldwide.

We utilize our 40 engineers’ expertise to offer installation services of:

  •         Dust collection systems,
  •         Process ventilation systems,
  •         Air quality control systems,
  •         Filtration of gases and VOC elimination,
  •         Industrial vacuum cleaning systems,
  •         Cleanroom systems,
  •         HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration) systems.

As a systems and technology integrator we guarantee full compliance of our works with governmental as well as industry standards and regulations, including ATEX protection requirements for explosive dusts.

An array of BART installations can be found nationwide and abroad in manufacturing plants across a wide variety of industries: metal, welding, construction, automotive, plastic&rubber, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cleanrooms and powder&bulk industry and many others. We are proud of a great record of references from satisfied clients - industry leaders.



A few years ago we separated after-sales service department from our core business and set up a sister company BART SERWIS Sp. z o.o., to focus on after-sales services and maintenance of dust collection equipment. BART SERWIS keeps dust collection system operating at peak efficiency and in compliance with governmental regulations and industry standards. We offer a full range of dust collector services and we are able to customize a regular maintenance plan to meet client's specific needs and budget.

Last year we acquired a majority stake in JSB Automation Sp. z o.o. which operates on I&C market. JSB Automation is a control and measurement instruments and automation provider, supporting customers for over 10 years.

We have created as well a brand of BT Cleanroom Engineering®  to distinguish our expertise in cleanroom construction. A team of our professionals specialize in design, systems integration, commissioning and validation services of cleanrooms and associated controlled environment. With over 5 years’experiences, BART has cultivated an in-depth understanding and expertise of executing cleanroom turnkey projects. We provide cleanroom systems with effective control of air flow, pressure, temperature, relative humidity and filtration suitable for various cleanroom applications, such as pharmaceuticals, microelectronic, hospital, food, laboratories, etc. HVAC system plays a key role in running the whole cleanroom system. We ensure the cleanrooms conform to the international and local  standards (GMP).

As a group of companies BART offers a full range of services to keep turnkey ventilation system running smoothly and improve air quality in manufacturing facilities. The company will continue to seek growth opportunities to better serve its customers and thereby strengthen its leading market position.

BART can contract ventilation, dust collecting and cleanroom turnkey projects for various industries in Poland, Europe and all around the world. We have had project cases in India, Russia, Columbia, UK, Sweden, Ukraine, etc.

We act as well as a sole representative in Poland of two companies - Dustcontrol and Fumex from Sweden. Dustcontrol has over 40 years' experience in manufacturing tailor made central vacuum systems, portable dust extractors and professional cleaning accessories. Fumex Movex Group is a world-leading environmental technology company specialising in extractors, fans and filters for all types of applications and environments.



Complex projects

Service and after-sales service

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